Sub Assembly Services

With the growth of the Company the assembly facilities at Redcliffe Precision have been progressively increased, including the construction of a purpose built assembly shop and the development of several new assembly techniques. Redcliffe Precision’s assembly facilities now include:

Application of Sealants

The application of sealants is carried out in an air conditioned environment ensuring the correct temperature at the point of application.  Safe storage of all sealants, adhesives and paints which includes an expiry date disposal mechanism.

Freeze Fitting 

Where required the freeze fitting assembly of parts can be carried out with the use of  liquid nitrogen immersion.


Lightweight assemblies can be undertaken where riveting is required.

Mechanical Assembly

Small mechanical devices can be assembled within the unit with the use of an hydraulic press and bench fitting processes.

Part Marking

Included in the assembly shop facilities and as part of the processes carried out by Redcliffe Precision’s Assembly Team, the use of Vibro-etch engraving machines and Videojet ink part marking printers can be applied to components. In addition parts can be hand engraved or ink part marked when necessary.