Precision Engineering Services

Our engineering team at Redcliffe has a growing reputation for solving the challenge of how to productionise the precision manufacture of difficult to make high tolerance components: challenges our customers regularly bring to us that have defeated others in the field.

With the ever increasing expectation for cost reductions without a detrimental impact on quality, we are introducing our customers to the latest machining techniques to drive efficiency and quality to the next level.

Successful case studies include:

  • Developing auto probe and multi component 5 axis milling techniques
    RPL his pioneered “in-cycle” probing to automatically adjust machining offsets, delivering higher levels of accuracy and reduced non-conformance, when manufacturing to the most demanding tolerances. Productivity is increased as the automated datum set of multi-loaded components removes any manual input and ‘human error’.

  • Extending the use of cage drills for one shot drilling/countersinking
    This technique once developed dramatically reduced machining cycle times, while maintaining accuracy and repeatability for drilling and countersinking processes on complex surfaces

  • Developing advanced vacuum holding techniques for high volume parts
    By removing the need for clamps and bolts by holding components with vacuum plates (3 axis) and specially designed vacuum fixtures (5 axis) setting times are minimised for large batch sizes, where short turn around and fast efficient loading cycles are required.

  • Investigation of thread rolling techniques
    In consultation with the manufacturers of thread rolling dies the development of a process for rolling a coarse thread in in a ultra-tough Ni alloy. This involved under taking shear strength analysis on the plastic yield for coarse pitches and the custom manufacture of long MJ 45 dies from induction hard ended tool grade M42 steel.