Redcliffe employs over 50 full time staff and as a growing business strives to deliver career development opportunity to all employees.

Within the production team we are keen to encourage members of staff to build up their skills and operating knowledge for a range of machine. This affords the Company greater flexibility, when scheduling production and development activity, and also allows individuals to advance their own careers. Where appropriate the Company funds external training for staff on CNC programming, use of the MRP system and operation of specific machines.

A similar philosophy transcends the quality and inspection team. All team members are encouraged and supported in learning how to programme and use the specialist inspection and calibration equipment used by the Company including its CMM and Shadow Graph platforms.

Although the members of our engineering team tend to be specialised in areas such as NX programming, CAD modelling, scheduling and planning, we are nevertheless keen that they all are given opportunity to familiarise and train in their non-specialist areas.

This gives the Company greater flexibility and resilience and also provides for greater job variety and interest for all.

Although a relatively small company Redcliffe is proud of its active apprenticeship and graduate training programmes, run in partnership with Bristol College and the University of the West of England. We strive to give all members of these programmes opportunity to work in and gain experience in all aspects and technical areas of our business.

Interested in Applying? As a growing company Redcliffe regularly has the need to recruit new members of staff into its teams: if you are interested in applying please send your CV and contact detail to the Operations Director.